Traveling? When you fly through Bangor International Airport, we have what you need to travel safely and conveniently.

You can get there from BGR has daily flights that will get you to your destination.

Book your vacation, business trip, or the “I always wanted to go there” trip with the confidence that BGR has the flights to get you going. 

Did you know BGR offers direct service year-round and seasonally to amazing destinations, including major hubs for easy connections to get you where you want to go?

Traveling safely during Coronavirus

As you are getting ready to fly out of Bangor International Airport, we want you to know that it is safe to fly and that the team at BGR is following all CDC guidelines while keeping you top of mind.

As we continue with our mission of making your travel easy and convenient, we have added the ability to be tested for COVID-19 right on site.  Book your appointment before traveling or upon completion of your trip, if you know you will need a PCR test for your destination, click here to see available appointments and the average wait time for the test to be completed.

BGR has created a quick reference sheet for things you need to know to travel safely, click here to get some great tips. Coronavirus and Travel: What You Need to Know page here

What to expect when you fly with BGR

Find everything you need to know about traveling out of Bangor International Airport as you prepare for your trip. View information about short-term and long-term parking, terminal information, driving directions and maps, and arrival and departure information.

What our travelers are saying

Don’t take our word for it – check out these testimonies from a few regional residents that have all recently traveled through BGR.

Sarah, a financial consultant from Bangor, flew with her family this past March for the first time since the start of the pandemic, “I was so impressed with how well COVID precautions were undertaken and how easy it was to understand the COVID prevention signage. It was also nice that for most of the airport experience, it was still very much the same.”

Trevor, a sales representative from Veazie, has flown through BGR recently and described his experience as “Clean and spaced out. Everyone was cautious, and the prevention systems were well organized. I felt completely comfortable flying and will be doing it again soon!”

I’m ready to book my flight through BGR, but what are airlines doing to ensure COVID safety on the plane?

All airlines have implemented sanitizing protocols and require face masks during flights as part of their commitment to safety. The other good news is that air quality on a commercial plane is surprisingly very high. Generally, the air within a cabin is completely recirculated every two to four minutes. The transmission risk is considerably low with the added use of face masks from passengers and staff.

Contact the airline you plan to fly with for more details on their COVID prevention methods. Coronavirus and Travel: What You Need to Know page here

Contact the airline you are planning to fly with for more details on their COVID prevention methods.

Visit our Coronavirus and Travel: What You Need to Know page here to learn more about BGR safety protocols and what our airlines are doing.