Ground Transportation Permits

Ground Transportation Permits expire annually on June 30th. Rates as of 7/1/2019 are as follows: 

Category Decal Fee per Vehicle Annual Fee (Flat)
Bangor Licensed Taxi (Non-Reserved)$15.00/ Decal 1-5 Vehicles- $150.00
6-10 Vehicles- $250.00
11-15 Vehicles- $350.00
16-20 Vehicles- $450.00
Hotel/Motel & Shuttle Service$15.00/ Decal $150.00
Baggage Delivery $15.00/ Decal $150.00
Non-Bangor, Out-of-Town Taxi (Reserved, Pre-Arranged)$15.00/ Decal N/A
Limousine/ Reserved Black Car Services$15.00/ Decal      N/A

Please complete the application and send via email, mail or drop off in person. • 287 Godfrey Boulevard • Bangor, Maine 04401 •  207-992-4601

Please review the Ground Transportation Rules for fees and categories of transportation.