Air Cargo Service Sheet

Cargo Aircraft Handling

Bangor is capable of handling any commercial cargo carrier presently flying—including the AN-225 and the Airbus 380, the two largest aircraft in service today. Bangor operates a diverse array of loading and unloading equipment for cargo, including main deck loaders, container cargo loaders, and transporters for palletized cargo, cargo scales (20,000 lb capability) and forklifts. Handling capabilities encompass conventional, unconventional, and bulk cargo.

Cargo Capability

Bangor International Airport specializes in facilitating the origination or receipt of cargo shipments. Access to Bangor is uncongested. Bangor personnel are well trained and thoroughly familiar with air freight handling requirements.

Bangor’s cargo handling experience is diverse, handling everything from loads of lobsters to demonstration MiG-29 fighter aircraft crated for travel. Our capabilities become your asset. We can assist you with arranging the most cost efficient means of cargo handling.

Cargo Facilities

With approximately 20,000 square feet of warehouse space located on the field and ample apron space, Bangor is capable of conducting multiple major cargo operations.

Bangor offers a complete air-ground freight service terminal with a pallet build-up area and pallet weighing system with ample ramp facilities for loading and transfers. Complete cargo ground handling services are available at competitive rates.

Cargo Handling Equipment

For a complete list of equipment and capabilities, contact our cargo department today at 207-992-4600.

Foreign Trade Zone

Bangor’s Foreign Trade Zone (U.S. No. 58) consists of a 33-acre on-airport complex containing a central import processing building. There are 25 acres of industrial lots are located within the Zone. The site includes its own 29,000 square feet of heated warehouse or light manufacturing space.