Holiday Travel Tips

With the Thanksgiving holiday fast approaching, winter/holiday travel is officially underway. Whether you’re looking to pack up the family for a Christmas getaway or you’re flying solo to watch the ball drop in New York City, you might be wondering how to maximize your travel experience. 

If you’re planning to travel for the holiday season, now is the time to lock down your plans. That includes booking flights for last-minute deals, hotel stays, and car rentals. Check out our holiday travel tips that are sure to make your season bright. 

Nix The Checked Bags. 

If it’s a short trip you can pack lightly and avoid a checked bag altogether…make this happen! Not only will you save time, and possibly money, at check-in, but you will also have an easier time maneuvering through the airport; quickly find your way to your final destination or into the loving arms of your family and friends waiting at the arrival gate. 

Book your tickets now! 

Before the prices skyrocket, book everything now! When it comes to flights, hotel stays, and even car rentals, last-minute deals do happen but waiting until the last minute can be a risky bet, especially during the busy holiday season. 

Book flights before Thanksgiving to get the best price. According to Hopper, flight prices increase on average, by $10 a day, from November 1st until Thanksgiving day! That can be a big chunk of change if you’re booking a family vacation. 

Consider flying on the holiday to snag a lower price and to take advantage of a quieter airport. Generally, the prices for airfare are lower on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. Equally, as important to consider your departure day. Hopper recommends returning the week after Christmas, but be sure it’s before New Year’s Eve. The average savings during this window of travel is estimated to be $120 on average. 

Apply TSA Precheck and travel like a pro!

Wanna whiz through TSA security? Consider enrolling in TSA Precheck. Lines for standard TSA security checks can be staggering at some airports during the holiday season, but with TSA Precheck, there’s no need to remove your shoes, and the lines typically move faster than standard security. Be sure to sign up before the day of your departure. Click this link to apply today. 

Book a less-visited destination. 

If you decide to skip the family gathering this year for a solo adventure, consider broadening your horizons. Maybe you are looking to bask in the sun on a beach. Instead of booking an overcrowded spot, try a town with a smaller crowd. You may be pleasantly surprised to find more affordable accommodations and airfare. 

Skip the gift wrapping.

The temptation to wrap each gift in beautiful holiday paper may be strong. But it’s best to leave your presents unwrapped. Wrapped gifts are a red flag with TSA security that will likely unwrap your festive presents to clear the line. Attach a “no peeking” tag and ship your gifts before you depart.

Say goodbye to stress and hello to joy. 

Traveling during the holidays can bring plenty of joy, especially if you’re off to see family and friends or heading off to a destination of your dreams. Just remember that millions of other people are likely doing the same. Follow our simple tips to help keep the joy in our holiday season.