For additional information regarding travel tips and a list of prohibited and permitted items to prepare you for take off go to the Transportation Security Administration web site at

Bangor is committed to the comfort and safety of passengers during a technical stop. From the moment an aircraft docks at the gates, BGR’s multi-lingual/cultural passenger services team is at the service of crews and passengers — all with an eye on the clock to preserve the integrity of the aircraft’s schedule.

Bangor’s agents are familiar with international documentation, customs and immigration procedures, as well as the individual carrier requirements. In case of a mechanical delay or inclement weather elsewhere, passenger services will arrange for food and lodging upon request.

Whether passengers are clearing customs or not, airport amenities are open for all flights at all times. All terminals’ facilities are interconnected and easy to navigate. Complete FIS is available, as well as a Transit Lounge that can accommodate up to 450 non-clearing passengers, and feature amenities, such as a child play center, glass enclosed smoking lounge, and diaper changing station.

Government Clearance

Bangor’s International Arrivals Terminal is the most convenient and time-efficient government and international travel services facility available in the United States. Many international tour and holiday carriers avoid congestion and delays at their ultimate destination by taking advantage of Bangor’s ability to clear passengers quickly and efficiently through the various United States governmental agencies. Bangor offers 24-hour access to U.S. Customs, Immigration, Agriculture, Public Health and Animal/Plant quarantine services. Bangor’s International Arrivals Terminal is specifically designed to handle clearing flights promptly with coordinated efficiency and is capable of processing 1000 passengers per hour.

Transit Lounge

For passengers en route to destinations outside of the United States who will not be clearing customs at Bangor, a spacious and secure International Transit Lounge is available. Bangor’s Transit Lounge accommodates up to 450 non-clearing passengers. The secure facility is located immediately inside our International Arrivals Terminal, ensuring rapid block times without sacrificing the convenience or safety of passengers. Amenities, including duty free, are open for all flights at all times. The Transit Lounge features a glass smoking lounge, a child play center and diaper changing stations.

VIP services

Heads of State, Royalty, CEOs, sports professionals, and entertainment celebrities all share one common request: privacy and discretion. Bangor understands the needs of V.I.P clients. Bangor facilitates V.I.P. departures from or arrival into North America, efficiently and discreetly. Experience with high-security flights, commitment to passenger privacy, knowledge of cultural differences – these are some of the reasons why prominent people insist on Bangor as their North American gateway. Our experienced Passenger Services professionals stand ready to assist. Security services (armed and unarmed) are also available should enhanced security be required.