The staff of Bangor Aviation Services comprises one of the most experienced full-service ground handling organizations worldwide.

For fuel, aircraft servicing, federal inspection services and other transit needs, Bangor promises prompt and competitively priced services tailored to fit your specific needs. Bangor International Airport is the leading technical and government clearance stop in the business.

Bangor’s airside staff is known worldwide for its ability to turn any aircraft around quickly and safely during a full-service technical stop. A full government clearance technical stop averages a little over an hour for a Boeing 757; an hour and a half for a Boeing 747.

Highly experienced fuelers, mechanics, general attendants and cleaners stand ready to quickly and carefully service your equipment. Fueling is efficiently performed while food and beverages are replenished, lavatories emptied and the aircraft cleaned.

All of the expected incidentals are available at Bangor. Should a carrier encounter any technical malfunctions, Bangor has FAA/EASA licensed A&P mechanics available around the clock to perform virtually any task required, including ETOPS checks.

Pricing is competitive. Package deals are available with multiple levels of services for full government clearance transit, in-transit passenger deplanement (no governmental services), transit without passenger deplanement, cargo/ferry transit, originating flights, and terminating flights.

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