Are you an organization considering sponsorship from BGR Airport?

BGR is committed to the community, region, and state that we serve. We strive to develop partnerships and relationships that are mutually beneficial with the organizations we sponsor.

To make a sponsorship request please email Marketing and Business Development Manager Aimee Thibodeau at

(Please allow a minimum of 3 weeks prior to sponsored activity or event to be considered.)

Criteria for Sponsorship Approval

  • Recognition-As a sponsor, BGR will be recognized on all promotional materials, including but not limited to posters, fliers, programs, signage, print and broadcast advertising, press-releases and all marketing materials. The appropriate logo of BGR should be used whenever possible, unless otherwise agreed upon.
  • Branding-Sponsorship will provide positive exposure and promotion of the BGR brand and reputation that is consistent with BGR’s mission and vision.
  • Value- Sponsorship will allow for the opportunity to create awareness, interest and value in BGR for its target markets and customers.
  • Evaluation-The organization requesting sponsorship must submit a written report within one month after sponsored activity or event including: attendance/reach, media coverage and goals achieved. Future consideration for sponsorship will take achieved results into account.

The BGR Marketing Department will be responsible for evaluating all requests for sponsorship and may request additional information if necessary. BGR reserves the right to change or revise criteria and guidelines as needed and without notice.

Please note that priority will be given to sponsorship requests that focus on travel and tourism, arts and cultural programs, education and economic development.