Bangor International Airport (BGR) is dedicated quality and friendly service to the Bangor community and beyond. Our focus is to produce the greatest possible overall economic benefit to the region, including Atlantic Canada by working with community partners on regional endeavors. Developing a strong community outreach to share our role here in our region is our ongoing goal.

Educational Outreach

Airport Youth Program

BGR prides itself in being an active force in the promotion of education for the community’s youth. With the development and growth of the youth program, children learn about math, science, geography, travel and more!

Would your school or organization like to schedule a guided tour of the airport?

We accommodate ages from kindergarten through high school with tours and materials to engage local youth in the working of our airport. To schedule a tour contact Aimee Thibodeau our Marketing and Business Development Manager at

Arts & Aviation

BGR values art in education and is the proud sponsor of the Annual Aviation Art Contest. The contest helps encourage creativity, knowledge about aviation and allows minds to soar.

Community Partnerships

Area Chambers of Commerce & Civic Organizations

BGR maintain a strong community presence by representing BGR as members of the local Chambers of Commerce and community organizations.

Travel Agencies & Professionals

BGR recognizes the importance of travel agencies and professionals and their role of promoting BGR and the regions BGR serves. BGR communicates regularly with travel agencies and professionals to help ensure positive relationships and partnerships

Community & Special Events

In addition to hosting its own airport-related events, BGR supports its communities by sponsoring and participating in selected industry and civic related events that tie into the airport’s activities and help increase awareness of BGR’s community outreach and educational programs.


BGR is committed to the community, region, and state that we serve. BGR strives to develop partnerships and relationships that are mutually beneficial with the organizations we sponsor. For more information concerning sponsorship, visit the Sponsorship Guidelines page.