A Savvy Heads-Up: BGR’s Enhancements Mean Smoother Travels Ahead

As the snow gives way to spring, Bangor International Airport (BGR) is not just celebrating the thaw—it’s gearing up for growth. This season marks the beginning of a transformative period for BGR, with two major renovation and infrastructure improvement projects set to elevate the travel experience.

Runway 15-33 Gets a Revamp

BGR’s primary runway is getting a makeover, ensuring it continues to meet the high standards required for safe and efficient air service. The renovation, an essential part of the airport’s Master Plan, is designed to occur in phases to minimize disruption.

While we may experience occasional overnight closures and a period of full closure in late April to May, these are planned during off-peak hours to ensure your travel plans fly smoothly without a hitch. Our advice? Always check the latest updates on BGR’s website before heading to the airport.

Terminal Connector: The Upgrade You Didn’t Know You Needed

Increased passenger traffic calls for more space and BGR is responding with a substantial terminal expansion. This project will connect the domestic and international terminals post-security, meaning more gate space and an enriched passenger experience for you.

Construction is visible but worry not, as it won’t impact your flight schedules. Our Savvy suggestion: allow a little extra time to enjoy the new changes and, as always, scan the QR code on our banners around the airport to get the latest savvy travel tips right on your phone.

We appreciate your patience as BGR grows to serve you better. These enhancements promise a future where your journey through BGR is as smooth as the skies you’re destined for. So, pack your patience, and let’s navigate this exciting time together.