Parents, preparing your family for take-off is easy at BGR. For questions, tips and tricks visit the TSA Traveling with Children page.

Kids, are you ready for some fun? Bangor International Airport’s KidZone has print and play activity pages to bring along on your next flight! Remember to ask an adult permission before printing. Have fun!

Monty’s Safety Misssion

Careers in Aviation

Activity Pages

Monty Moose Coloring Page

monty moose logo graphic coloring page for kidsZone

Aviation Alphabet Worksheet

aviation phonetic alphabet graphic for kidsZone

Airport Word Search

airport word search graphic for kidsZone

How Do Planes Fly?

how do planes fly graphic for kidsZone

Parts of a Plane

parts of a plane graphic for kidsZone

Airport Bingo

airport bingo graphic for kidsZone

Coming Soon… Monty Moose’s Travel Adventures!